About us

We live by the philosophy that each day is a new opportunity for new journeys, new discoveries.

By building a carefully-crafted product line that’s delightful & functional at once, we believe in inspiring our customers for everyday possibilities, offering them daily use accessories which potentially become an avenue of self-expression.

Testimonials By Our Products

“You’re probably reading this on your mobile right now. Everyone seems to be on their phones all the time, yet cares little about them. Throw us on the bed, forget us in taxis- it’s like you guys never cared about us. If things got really bad, you probably put a screen guard or complained about how expensive screen replacements are.

It’s about time things changed, and thanks to The Trippy Door, They’ve done a fantastic job of giving us a complete makeover with their kickass designs. We’re now fashionable and functional. We know we’re growing at a frantic pace, adding new models every day. But the team at The Souled Store somehow manages to keep up, and ensure our entire family is well represented. Kudos and much love!”

“Trippy Door and us go back a long way, and they’ve been great buddies throughout. They’ve constantly given us these amazing designer makeovers- adding pockets, using glow-in-the-dark inks, playing around with our colours, increasing sleeves, etc. We’ve now become so popular that we’re regularly mobbed in public, and even celebrities can’t seem to get enough of us. Our population is growing at a frantic pace, and we’ll soon accomplish our goal of being present in every house on this planet. If you’re lazy and prefer online shopping for your clothes, you know where to find us!”

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